BRL Academy

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Research suggests that ethnic minorities tend to experience better treatment outcomes when paired with clinicians of a similar race and background.  However, most mental heath providers do not reflect the populations they serve. The BRL Academy is a career pipeline program that trains young adults between the ages of 18-26 to become helpers, healers and leaders in their community and beyond.
Our mental health system will become radically more effective when is stops taking a top-down approach and starts valuing youth and families as assets and partners rather than simply seeing them as consumers or clients of services.
The vision of the Academy is that its members will serve as key players to mental health  and other systems seeking to provide culturally responsive care to diverse communities and adopt a community empowerment model. The BRL Academy prepares young adults (from the community) to be peer mentors in the delivery of culturally responsive therapeutic care. For more information regarding the BRL Academy, please contact: John Gill |  [email protected]