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Since the year 2012, Beats Rhymes and Life has been offering trainings for Adult Providers in the Social Services Fields. Beats Rhymes and Life offers Best Practice techniques and trainings which are all based on our proprietary Hip Hop Therapy model – focused on rebuilding the mind.

Training Series

Since 2012 BRL has delivered over 500 trainings to over 800+ providers working in mental health, school, juvenile justice, foster care and community systems. These interactive trainings focus on disseminating our best practices and encouraging adults that work with youth to implement a strength-based, youth centered and culturally responsive approach when working with marginalized youth. Some of our clients include:     For more information regarding trainings, please contact: Rob Jackson |  [email protected]


Our Train-the-Provider program prepares social service providers to adopt and implement our proprietary Hip Hop Therapy model within their service delivery. This scalable Hip Hop Therapy model gets our transformative curriculum and methods in the hands of providers to address trauma and other mental health issues among youth for whom Hip Hop Therapy would be a preferred modality. We are thankful to have partnered with Kings County Behavioral Health in Hanford, California and Turning Point Community Programs in Sacramento, California in providing them with our Train-the-Provider program.

For more information regarding our Workforce Development Initiatives, please contact: Rob Jackson |  [email protected]