Beats Rhymes and Life

Empowering At-Promise Youth through the Therapeutic Power of Hip Hop Since 2004.

Our Approach

We exist to reduce stigma and increase access for youth of color and other marginalized youth, seeking therapeutic services. There is a general distrust of systems of care because of the lack of diversity and the lack of culturally-congruent, strength-based and youth-centered service models.


We cultivate dynamic, culturally-congruent services, through community engagement and the therapeutic power of Hip Hop, that Inspires youth to recognize their own capacity for healing and self-expression.


Hip Hop Therapy is utilized for Individual, Community and Systemic change.


Leadership, Collaboration, Transformation, Connection, Innovation.

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"To some people, hip-hop lyrics are about misogyny, materialism, drugs and violence. But to them, they’re about something more. They’re a way to help teens overcome hardship."
"Many of the youth BRL serves later attend its Academy, and learn how to become community problem solvers and peer leaders, fulfilling the organization’s vision on non-traditional leadership."​
"Its hip-hop social workers teach students to work through trauma by expressing themselves through music, and even teach them to produce and record albums."​
"Imagine walking into your therapist’s office and seeing hip hop album covers hanging from the wall. To your immediate left is a stage and like the rest of the room, it is being renovated by practitioners, peer mentors, and artists of all ages."​

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Mailing Address: Beats Rhymes and Life, Inc. 450 Santa Clara Avenue Oakland, CA 94610 General Email: [email protected]


Thank you to everyone who made our Deeply Rooted campaign a huge success. Because of the love and dedication from our Community we were able to meet our $5,000 goal.  We rely on support from our Community of Care to continue to provide strength based, culturally congruent and youth centered approaches to healing and self-expression.