2016 Community Leadership Award, Alameda County Psychological Association

In appreciation of your leadership and advocacy.

– Alameda County Psychological Association


2015 CNN Hero, CNN

To some people, hip-hop lyrics are about misogyny, materialism, drugs and violence. But to [BRL], they’re about something more. They’re a way to help teens overcome hardship.



2013 Hispanic Interest Award for ‘A Lovely Day’ Film, Nashville Film Festival

The resiliency upheld by these teens’ voices shows that they cannot be dismissed, that they are in fact some of our most important educators in a critical time of change.

Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


2012 Top 20 Innovator of 2012 in United States,

BRL is working to change the face of social work and mental health.


2012 Sound Investments in Youth Honoree, Healing Thru the Musical Arts

Through Rap Therapy BRL is providing unique opportunities for healing for youth.

-Digital Literary Arts


2011 School Innovator Award, Alameda School Health Services Coalition

Beats Rhymes and Life is one of our most innovative mental health school-based programs.

-Alameda School Health Services


2011 Mental Health Leader Award, Alameda County Mental Health Board

Rap Therapy is a culturally responsive, upstream approach to therapy for boys and young men of color.

-Gigi Crowder, Alameda County Ethnic Services Manger