This summer, BRL is thrilled to announce that we will be partnering with Oakland Public Library (OPL) and Oakland Parks and Recreation (OPR) to bring Hip Hop Therapy to youth in East and West Oakland.

This partnership builds upon BRL’s BMOC (Boys and Men of Color) work and will create ‘mental health hubs’ via Hip Hop Therapy within the Oakland Public Library system–an approach that has never been done before and has the potential to be replicated throughout the State. This collaboration will provide three Hip Hop Therapy programs and workshops over the course of one year in East and West Oakland, serving approximately 125 boys and young men of color. Through this partnership, youth will be able to increase literacy and vocabulary, multimedia skills, positive coping strategies, self-esteem and agency. BRL is excited about this collaboration and promises to build upon the success we have demonstrated using #hiphoptherapy as an innovative mental health promotion strategy.

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